Guitar Lessons Camden.

Guitar Lessons Camden

Guitar Lessons Camden. At Guitar Lessons Camden  we are all about inspiring your love for music  whether you’re 6 or 60. Individual lessons are for children and adults of any age and almost any instrument. Lessons are taught by our wonderful teachers Monday to Saturday. We’ve made it easy to learn the guitar by simply coming to you at a time that suits your schedule. You can also grab a lesson in our Camden studio or at your home location. Guitar Lessons Camden  Adelaide Road, Chalk Farm, London, NW3 3QB is focused on providing a fun, motivating, nurturing and educational musical experience to all our students. We hope to see you soon, get in touch to book your guitar lessons Camden.

Guitar Lessons Camden London
Guitar Lessons Camden London

Guitar Lessons Camden London

“Guitar Lessons in Camden & Chalk Farm. Hi, my name is Todd Blackmore and I am a professional guitar teacher based locally in Camden. My lessons are tailored to your needs – so you can meet your goals. I teach guitar students of all ages, ablitlies and styles covering a huge range of material helping you to learn guitar at a speed that is comfortable for you. Take Guitar, Songwriting, music production and Bass guitar lessons from my dedicated teaching studio in Camden, London NW1 on both acoustic and electric guitar”

 Guitar Lessons Camden
Guitar Lessons Camden

Camden based guitar lessons – Learn to Play the Guitar

  • Learn to Play the Music You Love from a World-Class College Trained  Professional!

  • Contemporary / Rock Guitar Lessons Camden – Electric and acoustic styles and techniques covering the student interests. From improvising solos like Jimi Hendrix to strumming out the acoustic classics and everything in between

  • Have fun learning and playing the songs you love

  • We will customise your lessons to suit your playing interests

  • We can help you with guitar and gear selection, proper posture, learning techniques and more

  • Blues, Indie, Rock, Pop,Jazz, and Latin American,  Acoustic/fingerstyle blues guitar, electric guitar technique, country/jazz-influenced blues, soloing skills and ways to improve your improvisation

  • I can help with the development of your guitar skills, Music Theory for guitar – Music Theory for guitar – improvising strategies for guitar, jamming with other musicians, songwriting, recording your own music as a learning strategy, beginner music theory simplified

  • Play like Bob Dylan, Jon Gomm,John Martyn,Andrés Segovia,Robert Johnson, Bert Jansch & Leo Kottke

  • individual learns to play well with good technique and confidence

  • Study and learn methodically from a caring, college trained professional

  • Our guitar lessons that are easy to learn and fun to play

  • Study The 10 Greatest Electric-Guitar Players like Hendrix, Robert Johnson, Clapton, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Django Reinhardt, Slash, Jimmy Page & BB King

  • Gain True Musical Knowledge, Application and Mastery! Music theory & application

  • Develop technical & improvisational skills