Guitar Lessons Crouch End London N8

Guitar Lessons in Crouch End with friendly local guitar teacher Vic Jamieson! North London’s top guitar school delivering guitar lessons for all ages and abilities! Vic Jamieson is a brilliant teacher and is  the head tutor at our North London studio as well as lead guitarist for British singer MNEK as well as having played at BBC Proms, Radio 1 Live Lounge, Glastonbury, X Factor, and many more stage and TV appearances.

Guitar Lessons Crouch End
Guitar Lessons Crouch End

Crouch End Guitar Lessons N8

Absolute beginners welcome, young or old we’ll get you through the basics and help you learn your favourite tunes. With our Crouch End guitar lessons  you’ll know musical keys, notes, scales, chords as well as all the memorable fast ways to learn music. Our goal is to always design lessons around you as an individual to help you reach your goals as an guitarist and musician. Whether it’s guitar, bass, songwriting or production this method is used to maximise results!

Crouch End Guitar Lessons N8
Crouch End Guitar Lessons N8

Crouch End and Highgate Guitar Lessons

“Victor is a great instructor, with a lot of patient. His classes are very easy to understand. I would highly recommend him, he’ll guide you every step of the way from being an average player to a very accomplished one! I gave five stars for my initial review but I’d give more now if it were possible”


Beginner Level:
* Learn essential guitar basics Rock and Blues

* Learn fundamental music notation and sight reading
* Learn a set of easy chords and some easy songs

Intermediate Level:
* Expand your knowledge of chords and rhythm guitar playing
* Understand music theory (intervals, chords & scales)
* Introduction to Blues & Phrasing
* Learn more complex songs

Advanced Level:
* Master Technique (Alternate Picking, Legato, Sweeping, etc.)
* Master Scales (Major Scale, Minor Scales, Pentatonic & Blues Scales, Modes,