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Notting Hill We teach all levels from beginner, intermediate to advanced and teach both children and adults, lessons are customised to the student!

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Guitar Lessons Notting Hill are patient and diligent teaching methods will ensure that you too can master the styles you want, and help you improve as you go and learn even more about getting fulfilment from your guitar playing. we've been a full- time, professional music teachers for nearly 15 years and have taught over 20,000 guitar lessons.

Beginners Lessons

Fun, enthusiastic instructor will help you play your favorite songs sooner than you thought possible! Learn listening techniques to increase your enjoyment of recorded and live music. If you are a complete beginner and have never taken a music lesson in your life, welcome! You'll never listen to music the same way again.

Guitar focused

Our teaching techniques have helped his students both meet and often exceed their ambitions in playing guitar. At Notting Hill Guitar Lessons you will learn in a patient environment. Everyone learns at their own pace and we recognize this fact. Learning at one’s own pace is actually a necessary ingredient in succeeding at acquiring skills.

Going the Extra Mile

Notting Hill Guitar & Bass Lessons ​with Guitar Lessons London. We specialise in working with beginners and children, teaching them the rudimentaries of guitar playing before moving on to more advanced techniques, theory and styles.

Private guitar lessons London

Our first priority is to meet the diverse needs of all our students. We believe that all students are unique and that there is no “one size fits all” formula for music education. 

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Learn Guitar Playing Techniques to elevate your skills: Music Theory, Rhythm, Phrasing, Chords, Scales, Arpeggios, Improvisation, Song Writing, Reading Music, Proper Practice Routines

Learn to Play Guitar

Take fun and exciting guitar lessons with Guitar Lessons Notting Hill in the convenience of your own home. today, to become the guitarist you want to be


Notting Hill Music Lesson Designed Just For You

Guitar Lessons In Notting Hill

Learn scales, modes, chords, arpeggios, chord/melody style, improvisation, ear training, music theory, reading and a variety of techniques and songs in several styles.

One to one guitar lessons London

We let students to learn songs and styles that they want to learn. Instead of regurgitating traditional teaching methods, I help my students learn how to teach themselves how and what they desire.

Our mission is to change the lives of our students through a high quality music education


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Guitar Lessons Notting Hill
Guitar Lessons Notting Hill